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Southeast Asian Music Uploads

Agnes Monica - Sacredly Agnezious

Southeast Asian Music

Agnes Monica - Sacredly Agnezious


Artist: Agnes Monica
Album: Sacredly Agnezious
Language: Bahasa Indonesia, English
Year: 2009
Track: 10
Genre: R&B, Pop, Urban Pop

Track list:
1. Godai Aku Lagi (Tease Me More)
2. Janji-Janji (Promises)
3. Hanya Menunggu (Only Waiting)
4. Teruskanlah (Go On)
5. 'Coz I Love You
6. A.G.N.E.Z
7. Berlebihan (Too Much)
8. Matahariku (My Sun)
9. Shake It Off
10. Rapuh (Vulnerable)
* bold means recommended :)

File size: 60.38 MB
Credit: angelika20

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Agnes Monica sang Shake If Off at Asian Song Festival 2009. This year is the 2nd time she sang at ASF. She's a great singer and dancer. You can burn your fat with these songs. Hihihi. Just move your body to the rhythm of the music.
  • woow agnes monica...
    are you indonesian, dear..??
  • thank you!! after listening to this album, i started to really like agnes monica. i couldn't find more of her music though... :/
    • it's nice to listen to her songs.
      here, in Indonesia, we also rarely heard any info about her.
      but I'm quite happy to know that she performed in the ASF '09 :D
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